Mississippi Delta Deer Feelin' Groovy in a Soybean Field

Mississippi Delta Deer Feelin’ Groovy in a Soybean Field

By POOR WILLIAM CLARKSDALE, Mississippi (VIDEO) Huh? Great White North? Eh? I thought you were in the Deep Green South! Mr. Lil John, his audacious brother Bunny (Platoon), who will likely not speak to me for mentioning him in a post, but maybe it’s ok this time, and I were riding this weekend behind the levee, which is designed to keep the Mississippi River from overflowing. Well, John and I were riding our mountain bikes and Bunny was following us in a big-ass pickemup truck making sure the wild hogs didn’t get us. I ain’ lyin’! We had stopped to have a beverage on a mighty fine Saturday afternoon late in the day, when what to our wonderin’ beer-crossed eyes should appear, but a … [Read More...]