Bernadette Messina and Mary Ann Hollowell at Club 21 for Americana Music Triangle

Clarksdale Music Venues Sound Off for the Americana Music Triangle (AMT)

By POOR WILLIAM VIDEOS and PHOTO GALLERY The recent Americana Music Triangle’s (AMT) “Gold Record Road” celebration in Clarksdale was reminiscent of the Clarksdale of my teens. Vietnam had ended, light beer was being brewed, and the coolest thing for white teens was to cruise the figure-eight path through Sonic and McDonalds, conveniently cockeyed on opposite sides of Desoto Avenue. The energy on Desoto and inside the figure eight was palpable, enervating 70’s-era Dudes who knew the path to glory or ignominy—scoring chicks or not—was via the repetitious figure-eight. Not like it mattered in my case. Babes were not exactly slipping into my window at night, begging for me to buy them a foot-long cheese coney and lemonade slush to go with a half-pint of Cherry Vodka. … [Read More...]